Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

You will know if you are eligible to apply for a particular scholarship by reading the details on eligibility found on the provider’s website. So, make sure you have read the eligibility criteria and information about the scholarship scheme before applying. Other common eligibility requirements include good grades at High school certificate, not in receipt of any other scholarship; and be medically fit and willing to undergo medical tests after selection, and language proficiency depending on the language of the programme /country of study. 

What fields of study are covered? 

Eligible candidate may apply only for studies in development related fields required to empower communities and achieving national and global development plans including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Please refer to the list of approved fields for your programme.  

Where will I study if selected? 

You will pursue your study at reputable government/public university in your home country.  In case of unavailability of your field of study in your home country, you may seek an admission only in IsDB member countries having agreement with the IsDB, i.e. Malaysia, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.

Can I apply for a scholarship before being accepted into a university?

Preferably you should have an admission letter from reputable university in your country.  However, you can still apply before gaining admission. 

How do I apply and what I should submit with my application?  

If you are eligible, you must complete the online application form, which will include information about yourself, your academic background, and your contact details. You will also be asked to attach documentations to support your application. So, you are required to submit your application online using the appropriate link ( For further help, please send an email to

When is the best time to apply for the Scholarship? 

You can apply for the programme only when the announcement of the call for applications is launched through the website every year in December.  You must be sure to check the details provided on the website of the IsDB scholarship and note them down in your calendar, so as not to miss a key deadline.

What are the entitlements of selected candidate?

Monthly living allowance commensurate with the cost of living of the country of study, books and clothing allowance, medical coverage at university or public hospitals and tuition fees, if any, subject to the programme ceiling amount as approved by the IsDB.  Student selected to study abroad will also benefit from economy class return tickets to and from the country of study (once at the beginning and one at the completion of study period), one-off payment of installation allowance at the time of arrival to the country of study as well as an equipment allowance.

Note: The programme does not cover expenses for the student’s family; extra-curricular courses of training; language courses and any additional travel during the study programme. 

What is my obligation towards the IsDB? 

You are expected to successfully complete your undergraduate study and continue your master. After completion of your master degree, secure employment in your country, serve your community and register to the IsDB Alumni to network and share knowledge with another alumnus.

How will IsDB guide me to fulfil the expectations? 

You will be trained to play a leading role in developing your community and country through undertaking community service activities. The IsDB provides you with extra-curricular events under its Guidance & Counseling Activities, which are an integral part of the Programme. You are required to participate in the learning and development activities organized throughout the year.